Switzerland 2022 – Wenger Heritage Tour – 6/27 to 7/8

Frankfurt Old Town
Frankfurt Church
Ludwig’s Castle
Ettal Monastery
Oberammergau Passion Play
Oberammergau Painted Wood Carving Store
Oberammergau Wood Carving Store Interior
Scaffhausen Falls
Anabaptist Schleitheim Confession From 1527
Anabaptist Cave
Anabaptist Cave Interior
Anabaptist Hiding Place Farm
Anabaptist Hiding Place With Loose Floor Boards Removed Over Secret Room
Horn Trio at the Hiding Place Farm
Mountain View
Summer Grazing for the Cows Near Wengen
Glacier at the Jungfrau
At the Jungfrau
At the Jungfrau
Bern Giant Clock Tower
Bern Fountain
Bern Cathedral Door – Heaven and Hell
Riqueville, France
Riqueville – Flower Beds and Vineyards
Rhine Gorge
Rhine Gorge
Rhine Gorge
Rhine Gorge – Toll House
Mainz Cathedral
Saint Moritz
Glacier Express Train Stop
Zermatt with the Matterhorn
The Matterhorn from the Gornergrat
Trails at the Gornergrat
Zermatt – Old Storage Shed with Large Circular Stones to stop the Vermin
Wynigen – Sollberger home town – believed to be Sollenberger home town
Church in Wynigen
18th Century Inn & Restaurant in Wynigen
House in Wynigen
Meier Bakery Sign Above the Front Door
Meier Bakery Interior in Wynigen
Farm Garden in Oberholz
View from Oberholz
Church in Oberholz
Church Interior in Oberholz
Stallikon Church
Farm near Stallikon