Radio Shack

The shack and tower with antenna farm

Operating position with Yaesu FT-950 and Heathkit SB-220 linear

The ground system is a critical part of the radio shack for protection against electrical shocks, protection against lightning and control of RFI.  On the wall behind the benches runs a 10 foot 3/4″ copper pipe for ground connections.  It is connected with #4 copper wire to the external ground system just through the wall behind the benches where it is bonded to: 1) the tower ground system; 2) the electrical ground system; and 3) the shack external ground system composed of 6 ground rods spaced on 3 sides of the shack.  Radio equipment, auxiliary equipment, computer and audio equipment are connected with short heavy copper wires to the copper pipe using standard copper pipe ground clamps.  MFJ cable feedthrough panels mounted in the wall are connected directly to the ground system and are equipped with lightning arrestors for the antenna coaxes and the rotor control cable.

Backup operating position with Heathkit SB-101 and SB-200 linear

Cows in the sky    –   40 meter inverted vee and 80/160 meter inverted vee are faintly visible anchored to the tower just above the Ham IV rotator